Why We Are Not Sending Our Kids To School

Our kids are young, but Sam and I have already made the decision to teach them at home. It wasn’t even a decision that we really had to make. We have always agreed that we don’t want our kids going to a school. The only thing that our kids can get at school that I can’t give them at home is socialization, but there are other ways to get them out of the house and with other children that are their age.

There is so much violence schools. There are adults in the schools who have crossed the lines of keeping children safe. For example, the recent case of the Tennessee teacher who kidnapped a student. There are so many great teachers who want the best for their students, but there are some who have lost the passion that lead them to be a teacher.

 Fortunately, I didn’t get a teacher like this until I was in High School, which was already a hard time for me. I don’t even remember the teachers name, but I remember that both my older brother and my older cousin had trouble in her class. She was not nice. In her class, all we really did was copy notes and read. She did not interact with us at all, and she got upset when we asked questions. She was an angry lady.

The scariest of all violence that happens in schools is shootings. According to the Huffington Post, there were over 200 school shootings from the beginning of 2013 to the end of 2016. That’s not a number I’m comfortable with. That averages to about one a week. The odds are not in our favor here. Any number of school shootings is not ok, and would make me extremely uncomfortable to send my kids to school.

Moving on from the scariest of scaries, I also want my kids to enjoy their childhood. I want them to be able to focus on being kids and not growing up to fast. Both Sam and I worked in a daycare before we had our children and some of the stuff that we saw was shocking. I did not make it through my first week there before hearing a 3-year-old talking about her boyfriend. Some people may say that this is normal or ok behavior, but I’d like daughters to be a bit older and have more confidence in themselves before they start all that.

Also, I just don’t agree with some things that our culture says is ok, like someone using the bathroom that doesn’t match their scientific natural gender defined by what’s in their pants. I would never condemn someone who is LGBT, but I want to take time to explain the differences to my kids. Schools will tell my kids that what they’re doing is right and that everyone should be questioning their “gender identity,” but I don’t want that for my kids.

Me and Sam believe that we are responsible for our children and keeping them untouched by the culture we don’t agree with until we have prepared them to stand strong.

 Lastly, we don’t think that schools are doing the best with teaching our kids the stuff that they really need to know. Granted, some things may have changed since I was in school, but not everything has. Along with math, science, and history we want to teach our kids life skills. I never learned in school how to get a job. No one taught me how to fill out an application, dress for an interview, and prepare for said interview. I also did not get any lessons on managing money until I was in my second year of college.

I want the curriculum that my kids learn to prepare them for life and to help them reach their full potential as adults. I want their learning to be built on who they are and what they are passionate about. Obviously they will not LOVE every lesson, but I want for them to have the freedom to learn about things that spark their interest. If one of my daughters shows an interest in political science, or how the brain works, I want them to be able to explore that, because who know what they could become.

Homeschooling may not be an option for everyone, but for us it is the only choice. We are wholly determined to not send our kids to school despite the sacrifices that will mean. We may not be able to buy a big house as soon as we want and I will have to work hard to teach them the best that I can, but we will make this work!

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