Holy Bananas I Have a Blog

I have been so distracted lately. I cant believe I forgot about my blog. I need to get on some sort of schedule, because I really want to keep this going! So what has had me so distracted? GOALS!!! I am now determined to replace Mr. Amazing’s income so that he can eventually quit his job. How amazing would it be for Zoey and Emma to have 2 stay at home parents?

My new adventure is with the giant monster Amazon (well, Amazon and Ebay.) Hello world of E-Commerce. Seriously this adventure combines some of my most favorite things like shopping, research, shopping, making money, shopping, and selling. Basically I’m finding the good deals, buying, and then selling. It has been pretty fun, but it has kept me very busy. I would not be able to do this without my awesome husband helping with the slack. He is so great.

Right now, I am super excited to have the weekend off. Seriously, I have been working that hard. I’m ready to spend some time being lazy with my husband and girls! Oh they are so cute. Princess Emma is still not sleeping through the night, but she has started crawling; and Princess Zoey is 2. She is DEFINATELY 2 years old, and she is so silly.

Goodbye until next time internet 🙂




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