Getting My Toddler Moving

I know a lot of people may have trouble getting their toddler to settle down, but what about moms who want to get their toddler more active. My 2 year old, Zoey, if the kind of girl who could just sit and read for hours.  ( Maybe not hours, but you get the point.) She loves books, coloring, her leap pad, and Disney Junior. I love how smart my girl is, but I see that she has a need for more. It’s not natural for a toddler to be still. She has a need to move around, and it’s my job to give her the opportunity and tools to do that.

Here is my plan on how I’m going to get Zoey moving.

The Leap Pad

I am going to put her Leap Pad in storage or sell it until she is older. I love that she already knows how to use technology. It’s important considering the tech driven world we live in, but maybe now isn’t the right time for her to have it. I have noticed some serious behavioral problems after she has had the Leap Pad for any amount of time. I think that she doesn’t know what to do with herself after having it.

Getting Myself Active

Sure running around after a toddler all day and taking care of the baby is hard work, but I also need to get some exercise. I want my daughters to see me putting forth some effort to take care of myself.  To get myself active, I’ve started taking the girls for a morning walk around the block at least once a week.


Toddlers love to dance, and it’s easy to make happen. Putting on music will get her moving and give me a mood boost every day.


I love shopping, so this is the fun part for me. This is the list of what I’m buying to help with the process of getting Zoey moving. If you want to see these on Amazon, you can just click on the picture. If you do buy something through one of my links I do get a small payment. Thank you for contributing to my family.

Little Red Tricycle – Isn’t it so adorable? I can’t wait to see Zoey riding around on it.


Mini Trampoline – I have been debating on getting this trampoline for probably about a year now. It was almost her Christmas present.

Umbrella Stroller – Ok, this isn’t for Zoey, but I do need something to push my baby around in on our walks.

Ball Pit and balls – I technically already have this, but we are using an old pool that keeps deflating. We got this for Zoey’s first birthday and she LOVED and still loves it. This is the best deal I could find on balls for it.


This is only a plan. I know that I may not stick with every part of this plan, but some of it will stick. In a few months, I’ll make a post to update everyone on how it all worked out.  If you have any other tips for getting Zoey active please share in a comment.

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