My Rough Day Survival Guide

Rough days happen to all of us. The baby is crying from teething, the toddler is throwing a fit because she doesn’t want to wear pants and you haven’t even had coffee yet. Maybe something happened that totally caught you off guard and has you feeing sad and distant. What’s important during these times is to keep yourself grounded so that you can carry through and take care of the kids and all of the other stuff that just has to be done.

Here is a list of what I do to put on my big girl pants and keep going


Sometimes you just have to get away. Maybe leave the kids with hubby (or anyone you trust) while you go somewhere by yourself. If you can’t do that, there is another way. There is the bathroom, the magical land where mom can be alone, sometimes. Put the baby in a playpen, crib, swing, or somewhere you know they will be safe. If you have an older kid, get them busy with something like a show, book, or whatever catches their attention. Then all you do is go to the bathroom (not literally, unless you have to.) Take your phone and browse Pinterest for 5 minutes. If baby is crying, know that he/she will be ok while you prepare yourself to be the best you can for them.

Look at your little one

This is so important. It can be easy to get stressed and frustrated with those little cuties who know exactly how to push your buttons. My oldest daughter is 2 now. She definitely knows how to push my buttons, and she is not afraid to do it, but when I take myself out of the situation and look at her for who she is (my amazing little girl), it makes it easier to let it go and move on.

Call someone

Mom, thank you for always being available. When I’m so frustrated I just need to talk to someone, I call my mom. She helps me to remember that frustration is just part of the journey, and she distracts me from what happened to get me stressed or frustrated.


You don’t have to be spiritual or go to church to be able to pray. Seriously, just asking God for help knowing what to do can help you figure out what your precious little one needs.


Put on some upbeat music! Even if you don’t feel like it, put on Happy by Pharrell Williams. My favorite song to put on is Shake it off by Taylor Swift. Just putting on the music can help you to let go and focus on your own happiness and the happiness of your family.

Get out of the house

Being cooped up in the house with the kids can get exhausting on both moms and kids. I know that if my toddler doesn’t get outside a few times a week then she starts to get bored, and when she gets bored she gets a little crazy. A change of scenery can make a huge different in her behavior.

Tell Hubby

I am so lucky to have Sam. He is amazing. Sometimes just telling him what’s going on can make me feel better. However, I usually get lucky and get some special alone time when he knows it’s been a particularly hard day. If he knows that I’ve had a hard day, then when he will help more with the kids so I can escape for an hour to pull myself back together.


Hard days happen to all of us. What’s important to remember is that it will end. Even if your hard day has turned into a hard week, know that an end to the craziness will come.



2 thoughts on “My Rough Day Survival Guide

  1. Hi BJ.
    And there’s a lot to be said about an automatic coffee maker with your coffee already to go for you in the morning… Lifesaver 🙂
    I love your blog. You get me motivated to get mine started. Love you guys.
    Charly 🙂


    • And breathe!
      Caregivers classes focus more than half the class on the caregiver’s health and taking care of “self,” then we can better care for those we are in charge of….
      She told us “don’t breathe one time, breathe THREE!”
      I love your posts 🙂
      Practical and real 🙂


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